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Conrad Centennial Hotel, Singapore

From CFO to CEO

If you are a CFO who aspires to be a CEO, you may have heard that in order to land the top job, you should first seek to augment your financial expertise with operational experience. That sort of advice isn’t wrong but it is an incomplete view of what will truly help you. This half-day workshop will offer you invaluable insights and change the way you think about how you can prepare yourself to become a CEO.

Benjamin Finzi, Global Managing Director, CEO Leadership Program at Deloitte USA will lead this workshop. He will share results of an April 2016 survey, titled “Leadership Transitions: Making the leap from CFO to CEO” co-led by him, where in-depth interviews were conducted with executive recruiters, corporate board members, executive coaches, outgoing CEOs. The conventional preparatory and transitional activities do not seem to matter nearly as much as whether an aspiring CEO has been able to develop new ways of thinking while performing those activities. ‘From CFO to CEO’ will review the critical qualities of successful CFOs turned CEOs from the study and will also leverage on Benjamin’s years of experience in working with CEOs to fine-tune their arsenal of skills and expertise.

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