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New World Hotel, Makati City, Philippines

Do we know how leaders think or behave in different environments?

In this age of digitalization and globalization where constant change and chaos prevail and where information loses currency quickly, top executives are being challenged how they will arrive at critical decisions for their companies.

The Cognitive Process Profile (CPP) is an advanced assessment which focusses on learning and thinking processes which indicate a leader’s cognitive preferences and ability to make and act on decisions.  It provides valuable information which can guide the learning and development needs of key executives whether for building of high-potential talents, succession planning or retention of top talents.

The People At Work invites professionals from Human Resources, Talent Development & Management to an information session on 26 Jan at Stamford American Auditorium, Amcham Singapore at 8.45–10.30am.  Join us for a lively discussion with psychologists from the company that developed the CPP who will share their knowledge and case studies.

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