Our Story

Our journey started in a conservation shophouse on Singapore’s Keong Saik Street, home to an eclectic mix of clan associations, trading companies, old-school coffeeshops and trendy restaurants.  In this neighbourhood, the boisterous lion dancers who performed every Lunar New Year, represented continuity of history and culture amidst rapid urban renewals where conserved buildings stand tall against a backdrop of modern skyscrapers.

Our Enduring Values

Back to a time when businesses were built on handshakes marking trust, integrity, loyalty in relationships that grew stronger over the passing years.

These are the same Values we still hold close to heart. As an independent boutique, we are committed to working closely with like-minded clients who believe in shared trust and true partnership . We keep our eye on delivering results while a keen sense of responsibility guides our objective counsel.


Driven by passion, we work to high standards of performance and results and do not settle.

Respect & Integrity

As we deal with people and companies from diverse cultures and backgrounds, we acknowledge and respect the different viewpoints, norms and perspectives that emerge.  We become cultural interpreters for our clients and candidates, guided always by a strong sense of uncompromising integrity.


We are not afraid to ask questions and will seek answers that are beyond skin-deep so that we can arrive at professional and objective recommendations and input.

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