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Leadership Development & Succession Planning

Ensuring the next generation leadership is ready

Leadership Development and Succession Planning are two interconnected strategic initiatives to pursue one primary goal, and that is, preparing leaders and the organization to be future-ready.  

Leadership Development helps organizations expand the capacity of individuals excelling in leadership roles. In contrast, Succession Planning requires organizations to develop a sense of urgency and proactiveness when it comes to transferring leadership roles. By marrying the benefits of both, organizations enjoy the best of both worlds, bringing the best profiles to their best-suited roles, all the while, keeping in mind an organization’s long-term goals.  

Organizations encounter challenges that constantly reshape the business outlook– emerging technologies, biological threats, pandemics, changes in economic flows, demographic shifts, the explosion of data, radical changes in job skills required and complexity. No matter the change, organizations depend on their leaders to craft the correct responses and build a company’s resilience to emerge stronger.  

Continually reviewing and developing the right leadership competencies of executives is necessary and vital for all organizations to thrive in dynamic environments. An effective succession planning process ensures that the organization prepares the right talent for the proper role in the leadership pipeline for long-term health, growth and sustainability.  

Board Advisory

Strengthening the leadership of your organization

As businesses confront new challenges in an increasingly borderless, digital world, boards are forced to deal with a myriad of issues in diversity, governance, shareholder activism, cybersecurity, drive for greater sustainability and digital transformation. Can companies afford to maintain the status quo of boards which have not kept up with these market changes?

Forces of change include a global march toward greater accountability of boards in Environment, Social and Governance standards, which will compel businesses and non-profit organisations alike, to review board composition, selection processes and board engagement. More than ever, shareholders and other stakeholders are questioning if their Board members have the necessary skills and expertise to navigate the new challenges.

Board renewals should therefore take into consideration their changing roles and accountabilities to shareholders. We can provide assessment of your existing board, or help in recruiting board members with specific competencies to help your Board increase its effectiveness and capability.

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