Leadership Development & Succession Planning

Leadership Development and Succession Planning are two strategic interconnected initiatives in pursuit of one fundamental goal: preparing leaders and the organization to be future ready. Companies will encounter challenges that constantly reshape the business outlook– emerging technologies, biological threats, globalization, demographic shifts, explosion of data, redefined jobs and complexity. Whatever changes a company goes through, it remains for the leadership to craft the correct response, or to build the resilience that enables to organisation to flex itself and emerge stronger. Identifying and developing the right leadership competencies of executives is therefore vital for the organization to thrive in such dynamic environments. An effective succession planning process ensures that the organization is ahead in preparing the right talent for the right role in the leadership pipeline for long-term health, growth and sustainability.

Career Transitioning

Business restructuring triggered by a myriad of causes, may result in unforeseen personnel changes which can be challenging for individuals who lose their jobs. Companies with strong employee care programs may like to take proactive action in preparing these affected staff who need career counselling before they take the next steps. Whether it is re-assessing their skills or taking time to take stock of their lives and work expectations, or having access to a career coach to help identify new career options, we can develop programs for different groups of employees to facilitate their transition into a new sector or even new career directions.

Board Advisory

As businesses confront new challenges in a borderless, digitally enabled world, boards face increasing scrutiny in compliance and governance matters. They also have to deal with a myriad of issues in diversity, shareholder activism, cybersecurity and digital innovation. If your business is undergoing these challenges, it is time to ask: “does this board have the necessary skills and expertise to navigate the new challenges?”

A global march toward greater accountability in environment, social and governance standards will also compel businesses and non-profit organisations to review board composition and selection processes. As regulations evolve, board renewals should take into consideration their changing roles and accountabilities to shareholders.

We can provide assessment of your existing board, or help in recruiting board members with specific competencies to help your Board increase its effectiveness and capability.

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