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Exclusive Dialogue with Michael Ellis
  Michael is the President and Managing Director of the Asia Pacific Region for the Motion Picture Association (MPA) and has been with the organization for 17 years.
As a specialist in facilitating industry-government cooperation worldwide, Mike has successfully forged strategic partnerships and alliances that promote and protect the commercial and creative interests of Asia’s screen communities in the digital age.
The rise of streaming video content hubs like Netflix appears, to a certain extent, to have recaptured some users that may have resorted to piracy. What do you say to this?
Netflix certainly generates a huge amount of international buzz, but there are also many other online platforms for legal viewing - not only for movies but TV shows. Of course Netflix has done a great job launching all over the world – in Asia across every major market bar China, but in every market, there are different ways of viewing content online offering various formats and price points during varying time frames. Netflix has attracted the headlines, but there is a depth to the new video offerings around the world.
Unfortunately, even in markets where most content is available in a timely manner at a reasonable price, piracy continues. This suggests that we need a multi-pronged approach to piracy that involves the provision of legal alternatives, education and legislation/enforcement measures.
News & Updates
AmCham Shanghai 2016 Talent Conference – 7 June
The People At Work is pleased to be the return sponsor of the Talent Conference once again, organized by AmCham Shanghai at Four Seasons Hotel. The conference will address key benchmarks for success in China’s increasingly tight labor market, including workforce management and leadership development issues.
The People At Work Launches New Mobile Site
We are delighted to announce the launch of our new mobile-friendly website. We aim to provide the best user experience for accessing our site from your mobile device. Check us out!
Featured Opportunities:
Chief Financial & Operations Manager, Manila ( Consumer )
General Manager - Sales & Marketing, China (Transportation Equipment)
General Manager - Test Center, Singapore (Service)
Head of Distribution, Manila
(Supply Chain)
Head, Strategy & Business Development, China (Consumer)
HR Head Global services & Operations, Manila ( Retail Banking)
Marketing Director, Manila (Healthcare)
Sales Director, SEA (Product/Service)
Vice President of Customer Experience, Asia Pacific (e-Commerce)

Penrhyn’s AGM in Paris
(13-16 April)

The People At Work was excited to join Penrhyn International’s global AGM in Paris for the 1st time as newly minted members.

About 40 partners from the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific were gathered to exchange news, business trends and updates across the network. Other than The People at Work, the group also welcomed a new member from Canada, Leaders & Co.

Your team at TPAW
We are pleased to announce the promotion of Joanne Hu to Consultant for our Shanghai office.
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